In this modern setting for the classic Shakespeare tale, two small-town boys head to the big city looking for adventure and romance. But when they both fall for the same girl, friends become rivals.

Valentine (Jeff Hunt) is off to the big city, leaving his best friend Proteus (Andrew DeCarlo) behind. Sent away from his girl-next-door Julia (Liz Grace), Proteus meets up with Valentine, now under the spell of glitzy pop star Silvia (Katherine Stewart). But Julia gets impatient and sneaks into town in disguise, only to find that Proteus’ eye has wandered to Silvia.

With a supporting cast of music moguls (Jay Brigham, Fred Gerle, Tessa Timblin) and outlaws (Amber R. Nichols, Lamar Overton, Noah Brown) the miscommunication and machinations abound.  Will Valentine and Silvia find love together?  Or will Proteus steal her away?  Will Julia reveal herself and expose Proteus’ betrayal?  Will love conquer all?